About Us

Tech support for startups

We offer tech support services for new projects.

Why is this necessary?

The task of building a prototype arises at the launch stage of any Internet or software startup project.

The quality and level of detail of the prototype can be different depending on the goals. One project needs a prototype to demonstrate to the investors; another needs a full-featured service which can be used by customers (minimum bugs, integration with payment systems, etc.). And the third, an already growing project, needs absolutely full functionality capable of serving millions of users daily.

We are ready to maintain and monitor your project at all stages of its development, from prototyping to dramatic growth.

Our competencies:

- Web, mobile web (everything that works on desktop, smartphone and tablet browsers);
- Mobile app development (iOS, Android, etc.);
- Desktop app development (Windows, MacOS, and zoo of the Linux versions);
- Highly scalable websites (if your website or application is used by millions of customers, you definitely need a reliable server-side; and this is all about us);
- Integration with payment systems, financial consulting (on how to enable you to accept digital and online payments from your customers).

What is it all about?

If you have a startup idea but don't have developers for it, feel free to contact us. We'll go with you all the way from the first design drafts to the first million of active users. And guide you through further.

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Mobile app development

Promotion of websites, products, and services

Mobile versions of websites